26 Jun 2009

Wence’s 02 WRX: “Tallgeese”

My cousin Wence finally got his Advan TC-IIs on, so it was time for a quick shoot. These will eventually make it to TunerZine when I get a chance to take a few more photos. Special thanks to Kate for scoping out the location. This was my first time really experimenting with my SB-600 off camera + Lightsphere for automotive photography, and I think it turned out pretty damn well. A few photos, then the rest of the gallery: [smugmug […]

20 Jun 2009

Photobook: France 2008

I’m a month behind on posting this, but oh well.ย  For Mother’s Day, I made my mom a photobook of our trip to France last year.ย  The book has a leather cover and about 50 pages of the photos both my dad and myself took during our 2 1/2 weeks in France.ย  I’m extremely happy with how the book turned out and it made my mom quite happy too ๐Ÿ™‚ย  This serves as a good example of the type of […]

19 Jun 2009

Review: Samsung Memoir T929

I’ve been meaning to post up my review of this phone since it replaced my venerable Sony Ericsson w810i a few months ago. My old phone is still going strong is Kyle’s hands, and I still miss it to a certain extent. However, when I found out that this new Samsung Memoir not only had an 8 Megapixel camera (yes that’s correct, 8MP) but also 3G internet browsing, it was a pretty quick decision for me. There’s definitely more technical […]

18 Jun 2009

Great retouching tutorial for portraits

My friend RJ showed this to me today while I was at work and I finally got around to watching it.ย  Good stuff!ย  I’m definitely going to keep these simple but very effective techniques in mind ๐Ÿ™‚ Christy Schuler’s Retouching Tutorials

18 Jun 2009

Graduation Season

It’s June, and that means it’s Graduation Season. My cousins Mike and Margaret graduated from Seattle University and Seattle Vocational Institute, respectively. I’m very proud of both of them, with Mike graduating Cum Laude in Fine Arts and Humanities double major, and Margaret landing a a solid, well-paying Medical Assistant job well before graduating and the University of Washington Medical Center. Good job, you guys! My D200’s high ISO noise is really starting to show its age in these photos, […]