Jeff’s STI

Jeff Hill's STI front end shot

Following the NWMotiv International Automotive Showcase, I was fortunate enough to take some time to photograph Jeff’s STI, which turned out to be the Best of Show winner.  Jeff actually won a free giveaway photo session from me at last year’s West Coast Subaru Show, but thanks to the wonderous wait times of JDM parts, we were only able to finally do the shoot a year later.  He wasn’t too particular on the background, so we just went to my wonderful stomping grounds of Kent, WA for a few shots.  Special thanks to Dylan Iwami for helping with the rolling shots!  Here is the link to all the photos:

And a few of my favorites from the set:

Jeff Hill's 05 STI Interior

Jeff Hill's 05 STI headlight closeup

Jeff Hill's 05 STI driver side

Jeff Hill's 05 STI rear diffuser

Jeff Hill's 05 STI slanted eye shot

Jeff Hill's 05 STI front three quarter shot

Jeff Hill's 05 STI rear three quarter shot

Jeff Hill's 05 STI engine bay

Jeff Hill's 05 STI rolling shot

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