West Coast Subaru Show 12

Straight from the mudpit

For my third year in a row, I spent a Saturday out of the year among my Subaru brethren at the West Coast Subaru Show.  This year, the show took place in Cashmere, Washington, just 10-15 minutes from both Leavanworth and Wenatchee.  Again I participated as one of the judges and also gave away a free photoshoot as part of the raffle.  The show went pretty great despite a few hiccups, and camping that night was absolutely crazy!  I had a great time overall and I’m already looking forward to next year.  The following photos will also be on NWMotiv.com shortly.

Link to all the photos:  https://verdugo.smugmug.com/Events/Car-Shows/West-Coast-Subaru-Show-12-8-21/

A few selected:

Johann's Legacy

Jeff's STI

Jen's Forester

Project One cars

PIA's 2011 STI

Old school and new school Subarus

Raffle Giveaway

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