David’s Mazda MPV for Modified Magazine

A few months ago, I was contacted by the folks at Modified Magazine to shoot two cars in the Seattle area.  The first of these two assignments finally went to print in the July 2012 issue of Modified Magazine. As you can see, it probably isn’t what you might be expecting: it’s a Mazda MPV with a 300ZX twin turbo motor swap!  The brainchild of David Swenson, I had a great time shooting this truly unique build and from now on will be very cautious about passing minivans on the freeway.  You can see a screenshot of the article above and you can follow the link below for more photos:


And here’s a few of my personal favorites that didn’t make it into the magazine:


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  • Wow I love your mpv i grew up in that machine n ican say that even stock its a beast so I cant imagine modded I’m getting a 98 rwd mpv in 1 or 2 week and imma gonna spend lots of time and money on it!!!!!! Small civics are gonna be supriesed!!!!!!! Track purpose only!!!

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