Mackey’s Turbo Project Mazda 3

When my good friend Mackey asks if anyone’s interested to help him shoot photos of his car, I’m typically first in line. Mackey and I started back in 2010 and he’s always been not only a great friend and business partner, but also a mentor when it comes to photography. So, whenever he calls the banners, I always answer the call.

Mackey’s been working on his Mazda 3 project car for a few years now, and just recently added a turbo, intercooler, and all the supporting mods. He’s been frequently imitated in the Mazda world, but absolutely never duplicated. With our friend Alan “Bringing The Thunder” Whitright’s help, we took advantage of the nice Seattle weather to take photos around dusk and ultimately at night.

You can check out more information about Mackey’s Mazda 3 on and on Instagram. Until then, check out all the photos below:


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