14 Jun 2009

I hate coding

I was having some stupid problems with the tabs at the top of the page…one pixel was leftover underneath the tab image, causing that to highlight with mouseover.Β  After several hours, I finally found the solutions here: https://www.nixer.org/css-space-underneath-image I hate coding…argh!Β  But it’s fixed…and it’s probably something no one else would’ve cared about too :/

13 Jun 2009

Marathon session complete

I was on a mission to get this conversion to WordPress finished today, and now I’m proud to say it’s just about how I want it! I’ll be playing around with more plugins and widgets here and there, but everything is working right. If you guys see any typos or links that don’t work, please let me know! I hope to really be updating this blog regularly, since I also have it cross-posting to Facebook’s notes automatically via RSS feed. […]

13 Jun 2009

Starting to get there…

So far, the conversion to WordPress has been pretty painless.Β  Time for some lunch…I still have plenty to do.

13 Jun 2009

WordPress FTW?

Greetings all, As you can see, ArminAusejo.com is going to WordPress! Please standby as I figure out this new theme system and such πŸ™‚ For now, please visit my Smugmug here: Armin H. Ausejo’s SmugMug