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Armin Ausejo

Photographer Digital Marketer Instructor
Written by Jae Holt:

Armin is a life-long resident of the Seattle area with over 16 years of photography experience. His clients range from individuals and small businesses to major events and global corporations. The Pacific Northwest provides Armin with the opportunity to photograph a wide range of landscapes – from busy cityscapes to quiet mountain meadows that all take your breath away. His portraits are as diverse as the people that live here. And his automotive photography bleeds speed, invites innovation, and creates conversation. Armin’s photographs tell a story; let him tell yours.

More than photography

My pursuit of photography as a profession led me to my full-time career as a digital marketer. Photography opened the door to digital marketing, where I've built my career in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, web development, email marketing, branding, go-to market strategy, customer lifecycle management, and visual data management and analysis. The skills I've developed in my career have helped me create a higher standard for my photography, which extends to ensuring I deliver the absolute best for my clients. My deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape also allows me to provide expert insight toward your creative needs in this space.


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