Erica at Discovery Park

To help me decide on some possible future lens purchases, I went to to rent the Nikkor 135mm ƒ2 and Nikkor 24mm ƒ1.4.  I couldn’t properly test these lenses of course without a good subject, so I got in touch with Erica once again to help me out.  She happily obliged and this time around, we both wanted to go with something a bit more stylish than our previous shoots.  We ended up going to Seattle’s Discovery Park and while the weather wasn’t fully cooperative, we still got a good number of great shots.  Each of the photos from this shoot was taken with either the 135mm or the 24mm, and I made it a point to shoot in only natural light with no flash on my D700.  I’ll have a full review for each lens later, but until now, enjoy the photos!

Link to all the photos:

And a few of my favorites:

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