Photo by Erich Breitkreutz

Photo by Erich Breitkreutz

About Armin H. Ausejo

Written by Jae Holt:

“Armin H. Ausejo, a life-long resident of the Seattle area, developed an interest in visual media in his youth through historic art, movies, video games, desktop publishing and web design. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Washington in 2001, Armin discovered the automotive world and would take pictures at local automotive events. He took what he learned about digital media and applied it to his photography. He soon discovered you could do more than “take pictures.” You could create art. He invested in the proper equipment needed to take his hobby to the next level.

In 2004 a specialty magazine, Subiesport, put his talents to use. In the same year he returned to the University of Washington to complete his Master of Communications in Digital Media degree and continued to perfect his digital media and photography skills with World One Performance, and then with World CNG and NWMotiv.com.

Armin has since expanded his creativity beyond automotive and now specializes in people, scenic, and promotional photography. He strives to capture the realism of the moment, which is reflected in his natural, photojournalistic style of photography. He works closely with clients to achieve their individual expectations and believes that a camera can capture any emotion. If the shot is there, he will take it.”

Special thanks to Ryan Douthit and Josh Mackey for their mentorship and support.


Senior Editor, current

Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, current
Fluke Corporation

Marketing Director, 2010-2013
World CNG

Contributing Blogger, 2011-2012
Definitely Filipino

Style Editor, 2004-2009
Subiesport Magazine

Vice President, 2006-2009
World One Performance

Master of Communications in Digital Media (MCDM)
University of Washington

Project One Car Club

Print Publications:

Subiesport Magazine 12/04 – “Battle of the Imports”
Subiesport Magazine 02/05 – “Mud & Mayhem”
Subiesport Magazine 04/05 – “Out of the Shadows” (cover)
Subiesport Magazine 06/05 – “Like Sex on Wheels”
Subiesport Magazine 08/05 – “Jamie ‘Subie Gal’ Thomas”
Subiesport Magazine 10/05 – “All-Wheel Junkies”
Subiesport Magazine 10/05 – “Spotted”
Subiesport Magazine 02/06 – “Hoodscoop”
Subiesport Magazine 02/06 – “Subiesport SEMA Show”
Subiesport Magazine 02/06 – “Subarus of the SEMA Show”
Subiesport Magazine 02/06 – “Return of the Dragon”
Subiesport Magazine 02/06 – “Building the Beast”
Subiesport Magazine 02/06 – “Spotted”
Subiesport Magazine 04/06 – “Bugeye in Blue”
Subiesport Magazine 04/06 – “Heavenly Hybrid” (words)
Subiesport Magazine 06/06 – “Shifting Priorities”
Subiesport Magazine 06/06 – “Showtime! Showing Your Subaru”
Mazdasport Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 5 – “Finding Balance” (cover)
Subiesport Magazine 08/06 – “Ferocious Forester”
Subiesport Magazine 08/06 – “Spotted”
Mazdasport Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 6 – “Pristine Protege”
Subiesport Magazine 10/06 – “French Kiss” (cover)
Subiesport Magazine 10/06 – “Legacy GT on the Beat”
Subiesport Magazine 10/06 – “Let there be Light”
Mazdasport Magazine 12/06 – “Trailblazin’ Three”
Subiesport Magazine 02/07 – “Subiefest Event Coverage”
Subiesport Magazine 04/07 – “Project WRX Gets an Interior Makeover”
Subiesport Magazine 06/07 – “Subiefest 2”
Subiesport Magazine 06/07 – “The Natural”
Subiesport Magazine 08/07 – “Mastering the Element”
Subiesport Magazine 08/07 – “Green Monster”
Modified Mag 11/07 – “The Evil Roadrunner” (photos)
Subiesport Magazine 08/08 – “PIA Forester”
Subiesport Magazine 11/08 – “Brothers in Boost”
Import Tuner 05/12 – “All Out”
Modified Mag 07/12 – “What the F@&%?”
Modified Mag 10/12 – “DIY Done Right”

Web Publications (as of August 2013):

ImportMix.com – “XXX Root Beer Multi-Forum Meet”
Tunerzine.com – “Jasmynne Ali”
ImportMix.com – “Daily Drifter” (cover)
ImportMix.com – “Mae Tila” (cover)
Tunerzine.com – “High Profile”
Tunerzine.com – “Exotic Engine Development”
Tunerzine.com – “Elemental Attack”
Tunerzine.com – “Imitating Art”
Tunerzine.com – “The Tallgeese”
NWMotiv.com – “Fade to Black”
NWMotiv.com – “West Coast Subaru Show 11”
NWMotiv.com – “Red Square Car Show” (photos)
NWMotiv.com – “Project Tuners” (words)
NWMotiv.com – “Formula D Seattle Day 2”
NWMotiv.com – “NOS Forum Fest Coverage”
NWMotiv.com – “NWMotiv International Automotive Showcase Coverage” (photos)
NWMotiv.com – “Thanks for Playing”
NWMotiv.com – “Best of Show!”
NWMotiv.com – “NOS Energy Citrus Launch Meet” (photos)
NWMotiv.com – “Fast Five Premiere” (photos)
NWMotiv.com – “Armin’s Dos and Don’ts of Showing Your Car”
NWMotiv.com – “Forum Fest 2011 Coverage”
NWMotiv.com – “Big NW Subaru Meet Coverage”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula Drift Day 1 Pits” (photos)
NWMotiv.com – “Formula Drift Day 1 Track”
NWMotiv.com – “XDC Seattle Drift Coverage”
NWMotiv.com – “WCSS 13 Show Coverage”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula Drift Vegas Recap” (words)
NWMotiv.com – “Formaula Drift — Title Fight” (words)
NWMotiv.com – “The Walker Wilkerson Interview”
NWMotiv.com – “Seattle Auto Show 2011 Preview” (photos)
NWMotiv.com – “Toy Drive 2011!” (photos)
NWMotiv.com – “2011 Year in Review”
NWMotiv.com – “Subaru BRZ First Impressions”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Long Beach 2012” (words)
NWMotiv.com – “Evergreen Drift EVD74 Round 1”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Round 2 Atlanta” (words)
NWMotiv.com – “Interview with Lily Jang”
NWMotiv.com – “Red Rumble Rush”
NWMotiv.com – “Big NW Subaru Meet 2012”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Seattle 2012 Day 1” (photos)
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Seattle 2012 Day 2”
NWMotiv.com – “Evergreen Drift Round 5”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Irwindale 2012 Day 1”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Irwindale 2012 Day 2”
NWMotiv.com – “Shooting Starlet”
NWMotiv.com – “Tricky Evolution” (words)
NWMotiv.com – “Timeless Menace”
NWMotiv.com – “Nissan Fest 2013”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Atlanta 2013” (words)
NWMotiv.com – “Mini Feature: Silver Wagon Mafia” (words)
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Seattle 2013, Day 1”
NWMotiv.com – “Formula DRIFT Seattle 2013 Main Event”
NWMotiv.com – “Overcoming Adversity”



“Armin did a fantastic job on the photoshoot for a magazine article. He had great ideas and the end result was superb. We got a number of compliments on the photos that he produced. He is very professional and a wonderful person to work with. I would highly recommend Armin for any photography needs.”
Erik Lyden, Renton, WA

"Armin is very dedicated and passionate about his work and it shows. It simply amazes me how day after day he logs in and helps out other photographers with his free professional advice. He really enjoys helping and challenging others to become better in a field he has mastered. Thanks Armin for pushing photography to a higher level!"
Igor Podoprigora (Acingteam), New Milford, CT

“I have worked with Armin on numerous occasions for automotive enthusiast event marketing. His reputation for both the vehicles he builds and his ability to capture them on film is widely known in the Northwest. Ranging from vehicle feature photoshoots, to event coverage such as car shows and social gatherings, Armin has a great eye and talent. Coupled with his active involvement in the grassroots automotive scene of the Northwest, Armin is a credible source for both business and consumer needs. His approach both business and personal relationships makes him a pleasure to work with, as well as valuable and reliable contact for various projects.”
Matt Teske, CEO/Creative Director, Sisün, Inc., Portland, OR

“Armin was really easy to work with. He worked with our other photographer Tanya to give my husband and I pictures that we would love. Both Tanya and Armin had a great eye and have exceptional picture quality.”
Russell and Suzy Rogers, Redmond, WA

"I was always into photography but never knew where to start. I joined the Subaru community and saw his thread. He then helped me get started with photography and showed me all the steps I must take. He is very talented at photography and I thank him for everything he has done for me. Without Armin I would have never improved my photography skills."
Pedro Vilar, NJ

“Armin’s range of talent and skills is hard to match. He has a truly unique set of skills that are of great value. He is clearly proficient with a wide range of media tools, photography, and marketing as a whole.”
David Fotheringham, Owner, M Junction, Bellevue, WA

"Armin has been the single most influential photographer in my life. No knowlege has ever been witheld, and he has never belittled me for asking the simplest of questions. Honestly, I'm not sure where I'd be without him, which is why I now see him as more of a mentor than an influence."
Andrew Thompson (VisualEchos), Missouri

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