Behind the scenes of PROPS! — “The Taste of Heaven”

Last year, my good friend Berto asked me if I was interested in helping him out with behind the scenes photos of a music video shoot for local hip-hop artist, PROPS!  I had met PROPS! previously at a couple of Berto’s parties, so I was happy to lend a helping hand.  I took photos on location for a couple days and made friends with everyone involved, which helped open the door for more photoshoots with them later in the year.  However, since the video had not been published yet, I couldn’t go public with any of the behind the scenes photos.  Just this past week, the video debuted and I’m happy to include it here:

It definitely isn’t your typical hip-hop video that you’d see on MTV. There’s no crazy lights, donked cars, cash, or alcohol everywhere. The steampunk theme had me interested from the very start and made for some very interesting photos! Here is the link to all of them:

And a few of my personal favorites:

Be sure to check out more from PROPS! at the following links:

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