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20 Dec 2011

Armin Ausejo Photography 2011 Year in Review

2011 proved to be a banner year in terms of the sheer number of photos I’ve taken and how I feel I’ve grown as a photographer. I shot a variety of different subjects, helped mentor and advise a great group of photographers, and helped NWMotiv establish itself as a major media player in the local automotive scene. Rather than bore everyone with a long write-up on everything, I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves, starting from the beginning of […]

08 Nov 2009

Times are changing — farewell to Blaze

A Tweet that I made yesterday seemed to have some people concerned, or at least confused or curious as to what’s going on. Thus, here is the explanation 🙂 As I mentioned in my blog about turning “The Dirty Thirty,” one of the biggest concerns I have as I “grow up” is paying down debts, so that I can buy a house for example. Well, one of the things that was in the way was The Red Car, aka “Blaze.” […]

09 Oct 2009

A 30th Birthday Wishlist

It’s officially one day before my birthday, although now it’s RJ’s birthday, so happy birthday RJ! Anyway, in relation to my last blog, here’s a birthday wishlist for my 30th birthday. You’ll notice that obviously some of these are pretty much impossible to happen overnight unless I’ve been bestowed omnipotent powers, but hey that’s why it’s called a wishlist, right? This list is in no particular order. Health care reform that results in affordable health care for all. And by […]

06 Oct 2009

Thoughts and ramblings about turning “The Dirty 30”

Just as anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m the kind of person who does a lot of thinking.  Sometimes I do too much thinking, but I’m a thinker nonetheless.  It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my thoughts with the world (other than my typical Twitter/Facebook rants) and with such a momentous occasion coming this Saturday, I figured it was about due for something like this.  If you don’t care or don’t want to read my long post, then […]

30 Sep 2009

Shrewd Business or Lesson Learned? Posted by Josh Mackey

My good friend and fellow photographer Josh Mackey just posted up a blog that describes an experience that I feel all current and future professional photographers should be weary about. Given our current economy and everyone having budget cuts, it’s important for photographers to make sure they watch out for themselves and not get screwed over, no matter the size of the job. Read all about it here:   Shrewd Business or Lesson Learned?