Goodbye and Hello

Make no mistake: I love the E46 M3.  What I didn’t love however, was the maintenance costs associated with owning a used M3 outside of warranty.  These costs eventually started to catch up with me, so I decided to start looking into new cars as a replacement.

As I’ve grown older, having absolute power and street superiority were no longer a priority for me; I’d rather have a nice, classy crusing car than a boy-racer fast car.  I made a budget for myself, took some test drives, and eventually found myself at University Audi in Seattle.  After a few weeks of exchanging ideas and thoughts with Ben and Christian there, we narrowed down the scope and costs of the car I was interested in and finally landed upon an A4 that was in stock.  Here are the details:

2010 Audi A4 Quattro

  • Brilliant Black exterior with black leather interior
  • Premium Plus Package
  • Sport Package
  • 6-speed Manual Transmission

And of course, the photos:

After driving around for a bit, this car is exactly what I’ve been looking for over the past month or so of searching.  Decent power, excellent ride, awesome luxury creature comforts, great aesthetics and materials,  AWD, and a 6-speed manual.  If you’re in the market for an Audi in the Seattle area, definitely make a stop by University Audi and ask for either Ben or Christian.  Both of them will take great care of you.  It was a pleasure doing business with both of them and the entire process was extremely painless.

Will I miss the M3?  Of course I will; after all, it was a car that I always wanted to own.  Maybe when I make it rich, I’ll even get myself another one.  But for now, I’m quite happy with my purchase 🙂

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  1. I’m gonna miss that M3. She has been my desktop pic on multiple occasions… hahaha. The Audi is siiick too. I love that body. Any plans for mods, or you gonna go with “old man. stock”?

  2. No immediate plans yet. Since I’m a wheel guy, I’ll probably get a set of wheels if anything…maybe chip it to get a little more power, but otherwise I’m planning for it to stay pretty much stock 🙂

  3. Sweet Jeebus Armin, that’s a shocker, but the new car looks great! Congrats! Can’t wait for more pics

  4. Awesome choice Armin, Audi makes a fine product. When I was STi shopping two years ago I actually was looking at an A4 Avant and an S4 that a family friend was selling.

    A little birdie tells me that you are making the change to some Works wheels? 🙂


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