Best shirt ever

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but for very good reason…work! Work has been super busy, and I haven’t had many cars to shoot lately. However, that will be changing soon, especially since I’m doing work for now. In the meantime, I was tagged on these photos on Facebook by my good friends Jayr and Mae de Leon:

Notice the shirt that Jayr is wearing?  That’s actually his wife, Mae from a shoot that we did awhile back.  This of course makes it the best shirt ever!  I asked Mae to take a photo of the shirt by itself and she was happy to share this with me:

And here of course is the original photo it was taken from, by yours truly:

Awesome stuff! I’ll be adding a few photos from that old shoot to my portfolio here at some point.  Thanks again to Mae and Jayr for letting me post this up!

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