Locals 2 Legends Charity Event

Last Saturday the 24th, I donated my photography services to help my good friend, Berto Mendoza with a charity event.  Entitled “Locals 2 Legends,” the event raised money to aid rural victims of last month’s earthquake in Chile, which happens to be Berto’s home country.  The event was held at Woodshed Studios in Seattle and helped raise about $3000 to help those in need in Chile.  Along with simply being a good party, the event featured live music from Pachuco Jazz (comprised of members of Picoso) along with a live performance from Props.  After the live music was finished, DJ Duzit and DJ Triple XL spun sets to finish off the night. I was more than happy to help Berto with this event and it sure seemed like everyone had a great time!

You can find all of the photos from the event here on SmugMug:  https://verdugo.smugmug.com/Events/Locals-2-Legends-2010/

And here is the slideshow (which unfortunately doesn’t import into Facebook):

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