Erich’s Ings+1 WRX Overlooking the Columbia River Gorge

Last Saturday, Erich, Jess, and I traveled 2 – 2 1/2 hours east on I-90 to shoot his car for an upcoming publication. The original areas we had in mind to shoot turned out to be extremely busy, thanks in part to the 90-100 degree temperatures that were predicted. However, after driving along for a bit, we found a scenic view that worked perfectly for our needs. Here are just three of the photos we took at this location:

And the view from the actual location in Vantage, WA. The bridge you see is actually I-90 crossing the Columbia River:

Right now, I’m just waiting on confirmation from the publication to get these photos in. Thanks to Jess for driving for the rolling shots.  w00t!

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