Independence Day 2012

My yearly ritual to capture the fireworks over Gasworks Park was a bit different this year, since our good friend Eugene had moved out of state and thus we couldn’t use his roof. Instead, we braved the parking and traffic to secure a spot on the shores of Lake Union as we had a few years ago. After waiting about 6-7 hours and eating our fill of barbecue, we were greeted by what in my opinion was the best fireworks over Lake Union that we’ve seen in years. Some of the timing may have been off, but it truly was spectacular nonetheless, and I even met a few new photography enthusiasts while I was there. All photos were shot with my D700 and Nikkor 24-70mm ƒ2.8 combo. Here’s a link to all 77 photos:

And a few more of my personal favorites:

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Jag's Lamborghini Murciélago

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