2019 Year in Review

2019 Armin Ausejo Photography Year in Review

Much in the same vein as last year, 2019 was definitely a year of quality over quantity. Work took me to new places again this year and I spent a wonderful 40th birthday in Hawaii. I also got myself a little birthday gift in the form of a new Nikon Z7, which has become my primary camera for the last 1/3 of the year. Just like last year, I’ll break down my favorite photos by season here, and you can see them all in one gallery by following this link:



I started off 2019 still on vacation down in the Los Angeles area. I was able to visit the California Science Center and geek out with the Space Shuttle Endeavor, as well as braving the “cold” on the Santa Monica pier. In coming back to Seattle, we actually had some pretty decent snowfall and I took some photos on my work campus of the frozen wonderland. Once we hit March, I took some cute photos of my niece for her very first birthday, and then ended the month with a work trip to Beijing.



The Pacific Northwest had a beautiful Spring, and I took advantage of it with a trip up to Vancouver, BC and some photos around Seattle. We concluded the very end of Spring with a fantastic photoshoot of Rheena and Randy’s Porsche 911.



I had a pretty quiet summer photography-wise, but I was able to take photos of Omar’s BMW M3, and take a trip down to San Diego for a few days. Otherwise, it was very much an office work summer, but I had a lot to look forward to in the Fall.



After spending a little quality time with my new Nikon Z7 in the Seattle area, I flew to Hawaii with about 18 of my friends to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was a legendary trip and I came home with great photos and memories. I then wrapped up Fall with some more photos around the Seattle area.


I’m home for the holidays this year, but 2020 already has quite a bit of work travel planned. Thank you all again for your unending support and love this year. It was definitely one to remember! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone!

Purple sunset over Waimea Bay with the Nikon Z7
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