2017 Year in Review

Armin Ausejo Photography 2017 Year in Review

Life caught up to me quite a bit in 2017. I took the least number of photos this year than any other year since I started shooting professionally, with the vast majority of the photos revolving around friends and family. There were even entire months where I didn’t even shoot anything. That’s not a bad thing though, since some of my most cherished memories of late have come from this year alone. I just concentrated more on enjoying the moment rather than trying to document it with my camera. In any case, here is a link to all of my favorite photos from this year, and then I’ll break it down by month:



I hadn’t shot my Subaru in awhile, and thanks to a surprise visit from Kyle Pope, we drove five minutes from my house down to Magnuson Park to take advantage of the sunny January weather.F


I went down to Las Vegas to visit my best friend Sidnee, which sums up all the photos from March. During my short stay, we visited the Lion Habitat Ranch and The Valley of Fire.


April was a busy month with friends and family. We celebrated the 20th anniversary of Sakura-Con and visited the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.


I hadn’t visited Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo in over a decade, so we paid it a visit as part of Sidnee’s Bachelorette Party.


With great weather comes great photography. Wait, that’s now how that goes? Either way, it makes sense. We took some downtown photos of Mackey’s Turbo Project 3, a face-to-face photo of my two cars, and a went on a family trip to Hawaii. The timelapse below was also taken from our hotel in Waikiki.


The traveling didn’t stop in August, where we had a Project One Car Club Reunion at the West Coast Subaru Show in Port Townsend, WA. There were also a bunch of wildfires that made the air really smokey, giving us some crazy sunsets. I also had a client drive all the way from Yakima to have me take photos of their Hellcat and a model for their company’s ads and calendar.


September and October were some tough times for me, with not really any photos taken whatsoever. That all ended in November, when I went down to San Diego to help celebrate Sidnee’s wedding and visit the San Diego Zoo.

I’m glad to be ending 2017 on a high note. I’ll be starting a new job and hopefully have more time and opportunities to take photos throughout 2018. Thank you all for being a part of my life, I truly do appreciate each and every one of you. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!

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