2020 Landscape Re-Edits

2020 Landscape Re-Edits

The wanderlust was stronger than ever in 2020. I traveled more in 2019 than I probably had in my entire life, so despite starting off 2020 with a work trip to Berlin via London, it was a stark contrast being locked down at home starting in March. Although we could visit some nice outdoor locations around Washington State, it just wasn’t the same as seeing new sights around the world. Thus, much like with my automotive re-edits, I spent a lot of time going back into my archives and re-editing some landscape photos, just to find a fresh new take on some favorite spots. I had a lot of fun with these and I’ll probably keep doing more in the future, but for now please enjoy what I’ve produced so far! We’ll start overseas first.

World Traveler

From The Philippines, to China, and to Germany, I’ve had the privilege of being able to visit places full of history, beauty, and worldly significance. Visiting these places and learning more about the culture in these areas really gives me a new perspective on things, and helps open minds to different ideas, traditions, and beliefs. These experiences really helped me grow as a person and also do better in my full-time job as well.

Back to the “Future”

There was a lot of buzz around “Cyberpunk 2077” releasing this year on PC and game consoles, and while the game itself was plagued with problems, it inspired me to go back to a couple photos and try to capture that cyberpunk style look. Both of these already had great original edits (I even have a metal print of the Singapore one here at home) but I really loved how these cyberpunk re-edits turned out. Singapore has even changed significantly since this original photo in 2011, so I bet I could get even more cyberpunk out of it next time I go back to visit.

The Jewel

San Diego has been a second home for me for years now, but it wasn’t until I was down there for a wedding that I actually spent some time taking photos around La Jolla. It was a quick trip to the coast with the wedding party and among a ton of other photos I had taken during this trip, my original processing of these photos was a bit rushed. Now that I had time to go back to these and reprocess them, it’s crazy how great they turned out.

An Old Discovery

These photos go way back to 2006, shot with my old Nikon D200. I remember this day very well: my cousin Wence and my friends Edelmar and RJ joined me on my first real photo walk to Discovery Park in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. The last time I had been there was as a kid and I really didn’t know much more about it other than there was a cool lighthouse that would make for some good photos. I very much underestimated the size of the park and how far we’d have to literally hike to get to the lighthouse and back, so it ended up being quite an adventure. I learned the importance of packing light in terms of photo equipment, and RJ even had to somehow hike back up to the parking lot with a broken flip-flop. 14 years ago, I was happy with the post processing of these photos, but once I re-discovered them again, I realized how much potential I had missed out on back then. These re-edits are among my favorites of the bunch, plus it shows that even the old D200 had plenty of unrealized dynamic range.

The Mountain and the Valley

Mt. Rainier is always an easy and willing subject here in the Seattle area, so there were a couple photos of it that I revisited. I also went back to my trip to The Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas and actually found a photo I had not processed previously. These all turned out great and I definitely had a more moody edit for each of them.

Back Home to The Town

At last, we land back home to Seattle. I’ve taken so many photos of my home town of the years and you can really see how much it’s changed ever since. I’m always trying to find new views of the city, but sometimes the old tried and true places just need a bit of a refresh. I love my city, and I love how these re-edits came out too.

That wraps it up for 2020. I hope you enjoyed this nostalgia trip with me and I hope we can all travel again safely at some point in 2021. Have a great and safe new year, everyone!

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